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Introducing the core team…


Tony Millen – Managing Director

With 25 years’ experience client side for a FTSE 100 media business where Tony worked at senior marketing and strategic level.

He has successfully established and managed leading B2B brands and delivered them through multiple channels – online and offline, and has developed and executed directional strategies through strong change management. Tony’s brand portfolio has extended globally and he spent 2 years developing a franchise network across Europe, North America and Asia.

Tony has run large marketing teams consisting of traditional/online marketers, data analysts, content developers and SEO experts giving him real life experience of the challenges faced by business professionals.This is a unique skill which other agencies rarely possess.


Mark Grove – Creative Director

Mark is an award winning senior creative who has many years experience in the creative industry from his informative years as a graphic designer through to owning and running creative agencies; from overseeing and directing creative teams to creating and controlling visual solutions.

With more than 27 years spent devoted to design, Mark has accumulated a wealth of experience working on major branding projects for companies including British Gas, Courtaulds, Airtours, the John Lewis Partnership, Virgin, Fellowes and Caltex Petroleum.

Before co-founding WECRE8, Mark worked for many years in London at King & Associates; held senior agency roles at Coley Porter Bell and Lloyd Northover; spent two years in Hong Kong working as a Design Director for Landor Associates and for the past 9 year’s as Creative Director and Partner with Shoal Creative.

Having led creative teams around the world on a huge range of diverse corporate and global branding projects Marks experience is second to none. This experience, knowledge and understanding of the ‘corporate and retail brand’; how to develop, grow, manage and implement them has been pivotal for many clients in creating successful and profitable business brands.


Ian Bennett – Digital Director

Ian is our Digital guru with 13 years’ experience developing innovative digital solutions across a diverse range of market sectors.

Before co-founding WECRE8, Ian headed up a cutting edge digital department developing solutions ranging from web, mobile apps, photoreal 3D animations, video shooting, editing and production, email marketing, and SEO. In addition, he has developed a suite of high security solutions for the healthcare industry. Ian’s work spans a number of high profile clients including Philips Healthcare, Scottish Widows, Stannah Stairlifts and Bonnier Publishing.

Ian’s Mantra: “Being able to understand, develop and implement the possibilities offered by new and existing technologies enables us to advise you on how to make your digital aspirations a reality. By combining this with our ‘client side’ experience we are well placed to help create the best possible route to market for your ideas, employing the best new technologies that suit the project.”