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Helping a double queens award life sciences company in their expansion

31st October 2018 |

Solentim are a real life success story. In a short time this dynamic and fast growing company has made its mark in the life sciences sector. Solentim® has established itself over the past eight years as a significant leader and ... Read More

We make booking in at The Moon easy…

19th March 2018 |

We recently undertook a redesign and development of The Moon Pub’s website. Situated in Storrington, West Sussex – the pub is renowned in the surrounding area for offering good quality burgers, pies, pizzas and tapas.

Our brief was to redevelop ... Read More

Branded T-Shirts help drive team spirit!…

18th October 2017 | As part of Forza’s community support ethos, they recently formed a new Dragon Boat Race Team, taking part in the St Catherine’s Hospice Dragon Boat Festival 2017, organised by Race The Dragon. To build confidence and help drive the team, ... Read More

The ultimate Veneer Door Selector in the making…

25th July 2017 |

When Architects, Specifiers and Interior Designers want to select a final door style and finish for their project they need a high quality reference tool that can not only give them a realistic visualisation of the door and veneer ... Read More

Helping a new marketing consultancy business set sail…

29th June 2017 |

WECRE8 has created a visual identity for a newly formed marketing consultancy business; Vela Marketing based in Hampshire. The name Vela is latin for ‘sails’ from which we have created a simple, yet strong and distinctive graphic emblem. The stylistic ... Read More

RBI brand diversity…

5th June 2017 |

WECRE8 has just completed a new sub-branding exercise for Reed Business Information covering their internally focussed Diversity & Inclusion Forum initiatives. A portfolio of 12 logos has been created to give a clean, consistent look and feel, whilst still ... Read More

Successful launch at CDW!

1st June 2017 |

Forza’s new London Showroom was successfully completed in time for the opening/launch at this years Clerkenwell Design Week. The project, headed up by WECRE8 comprised of extensive wall graphics, cabinetry and display unit design, graphic textures and veneer sample ... Read More

It’s showtime!…

8th May 2017 |

WECRE8 have been commissioned by Forza Doors and Frames to restyle and update their London Showroom. Design concepts have been presented, design developments done. The first phase of the extensive wall graphics and display areas are currently being installed prior ... Read More

New signs for Russell New!

23rd February 2017 |

Having successfully designed and installed the Russell New office signage a couple of years’ ago, office expansion for the West Sussex based Business Advisers, has meant we have been called upon again to design and install further ‘primary branding’ ... Read More

Tying down the strapline.

21st February 2017 |

We have just completed a global brand update for ICIS, producing a full suite of master logo artworks in positive and negative forms and in 3 colourways; on white, on mid-blue and a dark-blue variation. The core of the ... Read More

Thank you and good night!

21st February 2017 |

As creators of the RBI Living Well graphic identity, we’ve also been involved in creating some of the promotional materials that support the various campaigns and initiatives, namely posters and roller banner graphics.

Our latest campaign graphics are ... Read More

Read all about it!…

16th February 2017 |

Another R&W Civil Engineering quarterly newsletter, hot off the press, and delivered to the R&W staff today!

With the growth and success of R&W comes more news. The newsletter, we design and produce started as a small emailer ... Read More

An iconic & aspiring literature suite

10th February 2017 |

We have just completed a suite of website icons and PDF Brochures for Aspire Courses an online higher education and distance learning business. We have created a robust collection of colourful graphic icons that help to define the course ... Read More

Simply stunning stand graphics!

8th February 2017 |

We have created simple, yet visually striking stand graphics for this year’s German E-World Trade Fair for ICIS. Each panel utilises the large secondary brand ‘petal graphic’ either in light or dark blue tones, which bleed edge-to-edge. Positioned over ... Read More

What a whopper!

6th February 2017 |

The new Forza Doors factory signage has now been installed, it looks fantastic! The biggest sign on the main factory elevation is a whopping 9.6m long x 2.5m tall. You can’t miss it when entering the industrial estate. Nothing ... Read More

Flying the flag for Great Britain!

6th January 2017 |

As part of the new factory signage designs we are currently producing for Forza Doors & Frames, we agreed with the client that it would be great to reactivate the disused flag pole that sits in the front ... Read More

Never mind stair rods, it’s raining veneers!

22nd December 2016 |

When Forza Doors & Frames approached us to help them design and produce a quality Christmas gift for their clients, we settled on a Forza branded Golfing Umbrella. When we started concepting the designs, we had this mad idea ... Read More

It’s all in the name…

13th June 2016 | wecre8 thoughts

Having worked on lots of brand naming projects, it’s interesting to see how the ‘pro-leave’ and ‘pro-stay’ camps have evolved the names they are using to try and be as short, snappy, descriptive and memorable as possible.

Based on these ... Read More

RBI rocks it with WECRE8 graphics…

3rd January 2016 |

We were asked to create an exciting and ‘metal/rock’ based identity and styling for the RBI annual event at the cool Koko venue in London. The event was buzzing and the graphics looked superb…

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The Light Fantastically Annoying

8th December 2015 | wecre8 thoughts

It’s that time of year when we all reach for the dusty box of sparkling lights. BUT hold on, who was it that put these away last year? As whomever it was has once again presented me with an illuminating ... Read More

Selling the sizzle

11th November 2015 |

Don’t you just love firework packaging, it’s the ultimate graphic art for selling the sizzle and not the sausage.

We love this ‘timeless genre’ of packaging design. The crazy concepts and graphic themes that romanticise and empower that tiny ... Read More

A blast down ‘memory’ lane!

3rd September 2015 |

Rifling through an old storage box from ‘studios gone by’, I came across an unopened box of floppy disks, now theres a blast from the past! Looking at the packaging it was funny to think that these disks were ... Read More

The bigger the brand….

14th June 2015 |

I wonder if JK Rowling ever considered, on her train journey back from Manchester, just how big and commercially exploited the Harry Potter brand would be. I have watched the films, read a couple of the books and even ... Read More


1st March 2015 | wecre8 thoughts

Having spent several months in development and testing, we are excited to announce that we can now deliver Augmented Reality (AR) solutions and are currently working on our first major AR App project with one of our clients, looking ... Read More

Google not translate


In the geekiest experiment ever, CDZA co-founder Joe Sabia shows us what happens when we translate the lyrics of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air through ... Read More

Recession-Beating Jobs…

3rd January 2015 | wecre8 thoughts

I simply love the article that I received in my inbox today…it seems that a recent study commissioned by CareerBuilder has found that one of the top 5 recession beating jobs appears to be ‘Fishmongers and Poultry Dressers’ – up 13.9%. How ... Read More

Viva La Vector!

3rd May 2014 |

We were recently commissioned to produce large format graphic artwork for a client whose business is endorsed by several association logos. On requesting suitable master artwork for each of the endorsements from the associations, we had great difficulty in ... Read More

Awesome Video Infographic

19th February 2014 | wecre8 thoughts

Social media guru, Erik Qualman has created this amazing video-infographic that takes us through some jaw-dropping statistics that reinforce the power of social media in today’s day and age.

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Cyborg Foundation

30th January 2014 | wecre8 thoughts

Neil Harbisson was born with achromatopsia, a rare condition that causes complete colour blindness. In 2004, Harbisson and Adam Montandon developed the eyeborg, a device that translates colours into sounds.

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WECRE8 in the snow

18th January 2014 | wecre8 thoughts

The first real snow of the season! Time to CRE8 a quick snowman on our roof terrace in between design concepts…

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C’mon Apple…detail please

7th October 2013 |

WECRE8 are sticklers for typographic details. When the new iOS7 hit our devices and the updates were complete, each of us went to our iPads to check out the changes, shock and horror on the opening security keypad, what ... Read More