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Thank you and good night!

21st February 2017 |

As creators of the RBI Living Well graphic identity, we’ve also been involved in creating some of the promotional materials that support the various campaigns and initiatives, namely posters and roller banner graphics.

Our latest campaign graphics are … Read More

Read all about it!…

16th February 2017 |

Another R&W Civil Engineering quarterly newsletter, hot off the press, and delivered to the R&W staff today!

With the growth and success of R&W comes more news. The newsletter, we design and produce started as a small emailer … Read More

An iconic & aspiring literature suite

10th February 2017 |

We have just completed a suite of website icons and PDF Brochures for Aspire Courses an online higher education and distance learning business. We have created a robust collection of colourful graphic icons that help to define the course … Read More

Simply stunning stand graphics!

8th February 2017 |

We have created simple, yet visually striking stand graphics for this year’s German E-World Trade Fair for ICIS. Each panel utilises the large secondary brand ‘petal graphic’ either in light or dark blue tones, which bleed edge-to-edge. Positioned over … Read More

What a whopper!

6th February 2017 |

The new Forza Doors factory signage has now been installed, it looks fantastic! The biggest sign on the main factory elevation is a whopping 9.6m long x 2.5m tall. You can’t miss it when entering the industrial estate. Nothing … Read More

Flying the flag for Great Britain!

6th January 2017 |

As part of the new factory signage designs we are currently producing for Forza Doors & Frames, we agreed with the client that it would be great to reactivate the disused flag pole that sits in the front … Read More

Never mind stair rods, it’s raining veneers!

22nd December 2016 |

When Forza Doors & Frames approached us to help them design and produce a quality Christmas gift for their clients, we settled on a Forza branded Golfing Umbrella. When we started concepting the designs, we had this mad idea … Read More

It’s all in the name…

13th June 2016 |

Having worked on lots of brand naming projects, it’s interesting to see how the ‘pro-leave’ and ‘pro-stay’ camps have evolved the names they are using to try and be as short, snappy, descriptive and memorable as possible.

Based on these … Read More

RBI rocks it with WECRE8 graphics…

3rd January 2016 |

We were asked to create an exciting and ‘metal/rock’ based identity and styling for the RBI annual event at the cool Koko venue in London. The event was buzzing and the graphics looked superb…

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The Light Fantastically Annoying

8th December 2015 |

It’s that time of year when we all reach for the dusty box of sparkling lights. BUT hold on, who was it that put these away last year? As whomever it was has once again presented me with an illuminating … Read More