7th October 2013

C’mon Apple…detail please


WECRE8 are sticklers for typographic details. When the new iOS7 hit our devices and the updates were complete, each of us went to our iPads to check out the changes, shock and horror on the opening security keypad, what have Apple done to the new no.1!… Or should we say what have they not done! In our view they have not visually balanced the no.1 against all of the other numerals in the circles that have the additional characters below them. The existing version (on the left) is floating within the circle, it looks awkward, and dare we say it, damn right ugly!  This poor attention to typographic detail would have Steve Jobs turning in his grave, so come on Apple, give it another go! Our visually adjusted version on the right took a few seconds in Photoshop, how much more balanced does it look in relation to it’s neighbours!!!