RBI: aligning brand perceptions

Changing the external perception of a traditional business which through diversification and acquisition is now a leading media player


Project Overview

During our work on the RBI Employees Value Proposition we started to question the Senior Management Team on the internal / external positioning and perceptions of the main corporate identity, making a strong case for change. It was accepted that while the customer facing brands are moving with the times the corporate style reflected the business of 5 years ago and was not in keeping with the future direction and values the business was looking to promote.

The brief then was to redevelop the RBI graphic language and brand system into a robust, manageable and useable ‘monolithic’ visual identity, that was recognised by internal and external audiences to be a fresh, modern and fast moving data services & analytics business.

Alongside a master graphic suite was the need for a comprehensive set of guidelines making it easily and consistently implemented by the corporate comms team, brand teams and their suppliers around the world.