Towers Convent School: modern brand for a modern outlook


Project Oveview

The Towers Convent School was a thriving independent school in the heart of Sussex. Visitors to the school consistently bowled over by our warmth, calm and purposeful environment, within which everyone is known and loved. The school boasted modern facilities, state-of-the art accommodation and the highest educational standards to create a thriving and dynamic community.

For us the challenge was to create a brand, a marketing strategy, and a set of communication devices that clearly and confidently supported that philosophy. Following a detailed audit and a research programme we could immediately recognise the issues and how to address them.

The result was a master logo made up of 3 core elements: the roundel, the name, and the strapline. This was accompanied by a clear and concise set of guidelines which set the blueprint for how the brand should be applied across all future communication and marketing devices. We then undertook an extensive rollout of the brand across all online and offline touchpoints. From brochures, posters, signage and minibus liverly to website and presentation templates.