3rd January 2015

Recession-Beating Jobs…

I simply love the article that I received in my inbox today…it seems that a recent study commissioned by CareerBuilder has found that one of the top 5 recession beating jobs appears to be ‘Fishmongers and Poultry Dressers’ – up 13.9%. How very exciting (sarcastic tone) and completely pointless given that 99% of the general population wouldn’t want to retrain in either profession. If the thought doesn’t put you off may be the average salary of £16,531 might.

A great alternative, cited in the same article, is to retrain as a Psychologist – up 23.3 per cent (average pay £40,276). The downside here is it takes 7 years to retrain….start now and you may well find a job before the next recession starts or maybe this one finishes – either way it ain’t a short term win is it :-). Come on…this sort of stuff really doesn’t help people get back into work!