21st February 2017

Tying down the strapline.

We have just completed a global brand update for ICIS, producing a full suite of master logo artworks in positive and negative forms and in 3 colourways; on white, on mid-blue and a dark-blue variation. The core of the update was to design and define the size, position and alignment principles for the new strapline ‘Powered by data. Driven by insight.’

We created a grid overlay around the ICIS master brand logo, which allowed us to position the new strapline in 3 ‘permissible’ positions, whilst retaining the same typographic styling. This not only allows the logo and strapline to be flexible in its application, but also controls where and how it can be used. This in turn strengthens brand consistency and stops the strapline from ‘floating’, being misplaced or inconsistently styled.