25th July 2017

The ultimate Veneer Door Selector in the making…

When Architects, Specifiers and Interior Designers want to select a final door style and finish for their project they need a high quality reference tool that can not only give them a realistic visualisation of the door and veneer colour/grain, but also guidance on the cost grouping and an indication of whether their veneer selection is FSC available or not. 

Working closely with Forza’s marketing team we have developed a strong ’two-phase’ solution enabling the end-user to access the tools in both on and offline formats.

The first phase; a beautifully printed folder with perforated veneer door inserts has just come off the press. The folder contains 30 different veneer door swatches. Each door can be removed from the A4 sheet and inserted into the front cover of the folder giving a realistic visual representation of how the door would look within an office environment. The tear-off door swatches can also be used to share with clients or on mood boards when designing an interior scheme. The folder also contains detailed information on veneer production processes, finished project examples and veneer swatches. The soft-touch laminate to the outer of the folder gives it a distinctive tactile and high quality feel and finish.

We are currently working on phase two which will be the digital online version of the selector, designed to have a strong visual link with the printed version, but with much more interaction allowing end-users to custom build their own door styles from Forza’s extensive range of finishes, vision panels and inlays. We’ll let you know when its complete and ready to play with…