3rd May 2014

Viva La Vector!


We were recently commissioned to produce large format graphic artwork for a client whose business is endorsed by several association logos. On requesting suitable master artwork for each of the endorsements from the associations, we had great difficulty in getting hold of a master logo artwork from RIBA in vector format. We were told that they could only supply a pixel jpeg version. Master logos in pixel or raster formats cannot be enlarged for large format display / exhibition use if it is required to be reproduced at a reasonably large size, it will simply ‘pixelate’ on enlargement, as shown above.

Due to the turnaround time and artwork deadline, we ‘in the end’ had to give up trying to track down a vector version of the logo and were forced to draw up our own master ‘vector version’ for this application to maintain the image quality and clarity!

The plea goes out to all organisations and associations that endorse products or services ‘please make vector versions of your logos available’ so as large format graphic suppliers can readily source and use them. We don’t always have the time or budget to recreate master artworks…  and if we don’t and we can’t source a vector version, your brand logo will end up looking very poor on all large format applications, which will eventually undermine your brand!21