Millen Compliance Brand Rollout

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Millen Compliance Consultants are a successful team assisting IFA firms, throughout the South East, with their regulatory requirements. Recently the company have expanded their service offering with an end to end document scanning and storage solution. Having redesigned there identity last year we recently completed a vinyl wrap to their fleet of vehicles. Project Scope New Brand Design & Development Full Stationery Suite Website Design & Development Vehicle Livery

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The Towers Convent School Bus Graphics

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The fleet of minibuses run by The Towers Convent School is not only an extremely useful service for parents to transport their children to and from the school safely, it naturally acts as a powerful marketing and brand awareness tool for the promoting the school. Having completed a full re-design of the schools brand and marketing collateral during 2014, we recently re-wrapped the fleet of minibuses.

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FTSE 100 Media Rebrand

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Reed Business Information, a leading global business offering business critical online data services where looking to develop a new employee value proposition. The focus was to change the perception in the recruitment market as well as aligning its innovative business services with its corporate appearance. The project quickly grew into a substantial corporate rebranding exercise and execution across all of the main touchpoints… Project deliverables to date include… Employee value proposition and recruitment alignment...

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Rebranding Russell New

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Some may say that Accountancy is a little boring – but Russell New are not your normal Accountancy Firm. This rebranding exercise was designed to realign their appearance with their supportive and customer focussed approach to clients. Project deliverables: New Brand Design & Development Full Stationery Suite Exhibition Stand Design & Development Internal & External Marketing Collateral Office Signage Website Design & Development...

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The Towers Brand Makeover

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The Towers Brand Makeover

The Towers Convent School rebranding realigns the look of the school with its outstanding academic achievements. Project included: Marketing Strategy Brand Development Full Stationery Suite Signage Internal & External Collateral Website Design & Development (here)

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Selling the sizzle (and not the sausage) !

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Don’t you just love firework packaging, it’s the ultimate graphic art for selling the sizzle and not the sausage. We love this ‘timeless genre’ of packaging design. The crazy concepts and graphic themes that romanticise and empower that tiny spec of gunpowder within. From the brilliantly named ‘Make My Day’ to the graphic armageddon of ‘Nuclear Demolition’. However, isn’t it about time things moved on a little for our explosive friends, don’t they deserve a bit more of a 21st century...

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Come on Apple; attention to the details please!

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WECRE8 are sticklers for typographic details. When the new iOS7 hit our devices and the updates were complete, each of us went to our iPads to check out the changes, shock and horror on the opening security keypad, what have Apple done to the new no.1!… Or should we say what have they not done! In our view they have not visually balanced the no.1 against all of the other numerals in the circles that have the additional characters below them. The existing version (on the left) is floating within the circle, it looks awkward, and dare we...

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A blast down ‘memory’ lane!

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Rifling through an old storage box from ‘studios gone by’, I came across an unopened box of floppy disks, now theres a blast from the past! Looking at the packaging it was funny to think that these disks were being promoted as ‘the best memory available’, a whole, staggering 1.44mb! Not only that but ‘Double Sided High Density Super RD Ultra, with 135 Tracks Per Inch’ WOW, how things have changed. I have a 4gb memory stick, of about the same thickness, that would fit 21 times into the overall footprint...

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The bigger the brand….

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I wonder if JK Rowling ever considered, on her train journey back from Manchester, just how big and commercially exploited the Harry Potter brand would be. I have watched the films, read a couple of the books and even purchased a bit of merchandise over the years. But my latest encounter with the brand left a very sour taste in my mouth and, in my eyes, destroyed all the magic this inspirational lady worked hard to create. When you hand over the rights (OK only movie rights in this instance) to a corporate giant you can damage the core brand...

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Viva La Vector!

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We were recently commissioned to produce large format graphic artwork for a client whose business is endorsed by several association logos. On requesting suitable master artwork for each of the endorsements from the associations, we had great difficulty in getting hold of a master logo artwork from RIBA in vector format. We were told that they could only supply a pixel jpeg version. Master logos in pixel or raster formats cannot be enlarged for large format display / exhibition use if it is required to be reproduced at a reasonably large...

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